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EHS and CSR Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental leadership in the mining industry is a strategic business objective of AMAK. Maintaining high professional standards for our environmental practices is vital to our long-term sustainable success and forms the foundation of our corporate reputation. AMAK acknowledges its responsibility to manage the environmental effects associated with its operations as we pursue our goal of generating value for our shareholders, our employees and our local communities.

AMAK will :

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations at all times; at all locations; and at all stages of exploration, development, operations and reclamation.
  • Establish and maintain standards, procedures and management controls to ensure that environmental considerations are balanced equally with competing priorities and other key business activities.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors are trained to understand their environmental responsibilities and create an environment which adheres to the Company’s policies, procedures and applicable regulations.
  • Hold leadership accountable for good environmental performance of our operations and projects.  Inherent in that accountability will be the commitment of senior management to provide resources and successfully create an appropriate environment.
  • Implement procedures to measure environmental performance, including regular inspection by our consultancy to verify compliance with the all applicable regulations.
  • Communicate openly with employees, regulatory agencies, the public, and shareholders on environmental issues.
  • Work proactively with other mining companies, policy makers and the public to define environmental priorities and to contribute to the development of responsible laws and regulations to protect the environment.
  • Actively engage with credible third parties to develop continuous improvement in our environmental policies and practices.
  • Continuously review environmental achievements and technologies to share and promote implementation of best practices.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

Through responsible mining practices and close cooperation with community leaders, local governments and business leaders, AMAK actively contributes to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates. AMAK works to strengthen communities with a special emphasis on improving local infrastructure, potable water supplies, waste management practices, education and healthcare. 

Environmental responsibility, social initiatives and economic contributions have become the pillars of our strategy to develop healthy communities, sustainable beyond the mining operations we carry out today. Through communications and partnerships with locals to implement community projects, we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship, employee safety and economic and social development in the communities near our mine. 

The Board of Directors oversees community sustainable development and relations through Health, Safety and Environment management. The Managing Director of the BoD regularly meets with local community representatives to listen to their concerns and develop the good relationship needed to enable AMAK to work in a safe and friendly environment. 

AMAK believes that, the concept of CSR nowadays includes a broader notion linked to a business approach that considers the social, environmental and economic impacts of the corporate performance and that incorporates ethical principles, health and occupational safety, good labor practices, the respect for individual rights as well as environmental care. AMAK Corporation enters a society not only as an active economic engine but also as a social agent, and it is through CSR that entrepreneurs may commit to actively participate in sustainable development.

AMAK understands CSR in the following context :

  • To perform its productive activities within the framework of a policy that demands environmental excellence.
  • To act with respect for the local institutions, authorities, culture and customs, maintaining a good relationship with the population of the area.
  • To maintain a continuous and opportune dialogue with the regional and local authorities, the population of the area and its representatives, giving them information about our mining activities.
  • To institutionalize local development with the communities of the area in from the beginning, elaborating studies and collaborating in the creation of opportunities for envelopment beyond the life of the mining activity.
  • To promote local employment, offering the required opportunities of qualification and training.
  • To prefer and acquire local goods and services for the development of mining activities and the personnel catering, within reasonable conditions of quality, opportunity and price, creating appropriate mechanisms of agreement.

AMAK also produces an annual report through its consultancy, Esco, specifying the sustainable development actions required, which will comply with all government regulations.


” We completed the testing and commissioning of our mining facility , which is fully operational as of quarter 3 of 2012. The facility was officially inaugurated
by His Royal Highness Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Prince of Najran on 2 October 2012 “