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Underground Shift Engineer (USE)

Job Title : Underground Shift Engineer
Department : Underground Mine


  •  Observes HSE rules adopted by the Company in accordance with all country legislation,
    company policies, Standard Operating Procedures, safety warnings, memoranda, circulars,
  •  Completes all pre-start checks prior to use of an equipment.
  •  Inspects, reports and scales (when needed) loose or fallen rocks and collapse danger on
    visited galleries/stopes.
  •  Reports all incidents, accidents or near misses.
  •  Conducts toolboxes with associated personnel on a routine basis.
  •  Organizes drilling, blasting, support, service works, shotcrete, scaling and all other activities
    under control and knowledge of superiors.
  •  Maintains all works in underground within mining instructions of Mine Technical Office and
    standard operating procedures of OHS department.
  •  Determines blasting areas in blasting operations. Ensure explosives and detonators
    dispatched separately, explosives charged properly according to blasting patterns,
    detonations made securely and in time.
  •  Records all production actions, equipment status and breakdowns, actual ore and waste
    production, occupational accidents. Prepare and deliver shift reports to superiors.
  •  Informs next shift engineer/boss about general situation of the faces, locations and
    situations of equipment and organize the ongoing shift together.
  •  Makes sure that appropriate personal protective equipment used in underground related
    with the work being done.
  •  Monitors ventilation operations in underground, make sure fans and ventilation tubes
    placed properly by instructions of ventilation engineer.
  •  Organizes shift lists and vacations of subordinates.
  •  Ensures the protection of all tools and equipment; write a minute to employees that break
    rules and who doesn’t control equipment before use and improper use.
  • Supports geological engineer, sampler, surveyor etc. in underground and provide necessary



  • Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering
  •  Advanced verbal and written communication skills in English.
  •  Knowledge of CAD based computer software such as AutoCAD, Datamine, Surpac etc.
  •  Strong computer skills including MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  •  Minimum 3 years of experience working as a mining engineer in underground mining


  Applications :

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