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Underground Mine Surveyor (UMS)

Job Title : Underground Mine Surveyor
Department : Underground Mine


  •  Observes HSE rules adopted by the Company in accordance with all country legislation,
    company policies, Standard Operating Procedures, safety warnings, memoranda, circulars,
  •  Completes all pre-start checks prior to use of an equipment.
  •  Inspects, reports and scales (when needed) loose rocks on visited galleries.
  •  Coordinates with Shift Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Underground Mine Geologist and
    Shift Boss and other production supervisors the survey plans.
  •  Computes volume of ore in mine, using survey data. Surveys and calculates volume of
    material deposits, spoil piles, or veins, and amount of overburden to be removed.
  •  Performs routine surveys of development and production headings including Cavity
    Monitoring System surveys of stopes, when required.
  •  Reports survey data from underground in the appropriate format.
  •  Takes necessary measurements by working in coordination with the production unit.
  •  Ensure that surveying equipment are used properly and safely.
  •  Performs calculations to determine the accuracy of measurements, keep records of
    measurements and calculations, and prepare sketches and maps of the topographic studies.
  •  Supervises the installation of polygonal facilities.


  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Geotechnical or Civil Engineering
  •  Minimum 3 years of experience working as a surveyor in underground mining projects.
  •  Strong computer skills including MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  •  Knowledge of CAD based computer software such as AutoCAD, Datamine, Surpac etc.
  •  Advanced verbal and written communication skills in English.
  •  Valid manual driver’s license.

    Applications :

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